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libseq Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
seq::AASequenceAn amino acid sequence
seq::AminoAcidAn amino acid
seq::CodingSequenceA coding sequence represents a nucleotide sequence that codes for an amino acid sequence (an oligo- or polypeptide)
seq::CodonUtility class that defines the genetic code
seq::Mutation< Char >A mutation in a sequence of type Char
seq::NTSequenceA nucleotide sequence
seq::NucleotideA nucleotide, including support for ambiguity codes
seq::NucleotideSubstitutionModelDescribes the mutation behaviour of (the whole of) replication enzymes for one replication cycle
seq::ParseExceptionException thrown when an error was encountered while parsing the string representation of an nucleotide, nucleotide sequence, amino acid, amino acid sequence, or a FASTA file

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